Visit and wine tasting at Quinta do Bomfim in Pinhão


Quinta do Bomfim’s visitors’ centre is located in the heart of the oldest wine-demarcated region in the world, a place of indisputable beauty. The farm is fully owned and managed by the Symington family, a presence in the Douro for several generations, with a deep knowledge of the region. Five family members personally manage Quinta do Bomfim and all the other farms they own in the Douro region.

The incomparable heritage of this family property is overwhelming and an unforgettable experience for its visitors, materialized in the winery, vineyards, old warehouse, as well as in the wine tasting.

The history of the Symington family and Quinta do Bomfim are inseparable and are part of the legacy of great wealth of Port and Douro Wine.

Guided tours and tastings

Classic Test – 17€ –
Cockburn’s Special Reserve
Graham’s LBV
Dow’s 10 Years Tawny

Douro DOC Tasting – 22€ –
Altano White Douro DOC
Quinta do Ataíde Douro DOC
Quinta do Vesuvius Douro DOC

Graham’s Race – 25€ –
Graham’s Six Grapes
Graham’s Quinta dos Malvedos Vintage
Graham’s 20 Years Tawny

Quinta Vintage Sittry – 25€ –
Warre’s Quinta da Cavadinha Vintage
Graham’s Quinta dos Malvedos Vintage
Dow’s Quinta do Bomfim Vintage

Dow’s Test – 30€ –
Dow’s LBV
Dow’s 10 Years Tawny
Dow’s 1985 Vintage

Vintage Premium Proof – 50€ –
Dow’s 1985 Vintage
Quinta do Vesuvio 1995 Vintage
Graham’s 2000 Vintage

Dow’s Tawnies Age Test – 60€ –
Dow’s 10 Years Tawny
Dow’s 20 Years Tawny
Dow’s 30 Years Tawny
Dow’s 40 Years Tawny

Vineyard Tour- 5€-
In Quinta do Bomfim you will have the opportunity
to visit the vineyard, with pedestrian routes
three levels of difficulty, where you will
enjoy an unforgettable view over
the Douro valley and simultaneously obtain
information about the terroir, the climate, the grape varieties
and the terraces that give this region
the title of World Heritage Site.

Visit and Tasting to Quinta do Bomfim

Every day except Christmas day

Minimum participants

Whenever there are
conditions for execution

de 17€ a 60€