Dona Antónia


Rabelo Boat

Electric Boat, the only one in Portugal
Lenght 17,5 meters
Bench and Chairs

Magnífico Douro Company converted the locomotion, of the rabelo boat Dona Antonia, 17.5 meter long and 30-year-old, from internal combustion to 100% electric.

It is thus possible to navigate in the calm waters of the Douro River, enjoying even more the tranquility and silence which are so characteristic, especially in the upstream portion up from Pinhão.

This was the first electric boat operating in Portugal, and still today the only one for more then 12 persons.

Dona Antonia has batteries for energy storage and solar panels. The full charge of the batteries is done through a connection to earth during the night.

Dona Antonia is equipped with toilets for the convenience of passengers.